Podcast Roundup – November 19

Here are this week’s episodes from the Objectivism related podcasts I try to listen to.  They are all great sources of information and insight on applying objectivist principles to everyday life.

Philosophy in Action with Dr. Diana Hsieh

  • Free will and moral responsibility
  • Values destroyed by statism
  • Leaving an inmate boyfriend
  • Privacy in marriage
  • Rapid fire questions

Yaron Brook on Leonard Peikoff’s Podcast – Episode 296

  • Do you think that freedom of speech already has been lost such that revolution is necessary?
  • What should the government’s role be regarding pollution?
  • Should one accept unearned guilt?
  • Are naked credit default swaps ethical?
  • Is it immoral to work for organizations that advocate for statist ideas?


There are tons of great lectures and presentations available from the Ayn Rand estore.  This week I have been listening to: