Podcast Roundup – November 26

Here are this week’s episodes from the Objectivism related podcasts I try to listen to.  They are all great sources of information and insight on applying objectivist principles to everyday life.

Philosophy in Action with Dr. Diana Hsieh

  • Positive change in Islam
  • Self-esteem and appearance
  • Rapid fire questions

Leonard Peikoff’s Podcast – Episode 297

  • The ethical dilemma of having to promote as part of your job, military in the specific question, actions or events that are immoral.
  • Why do you think that most people stop thinking at 30 and is this inevitable? (Leonard Peikoff mentions his Understanding Objectivism lecture in his answer. This is a very informative series.)
  • Is loneliness the most painful feeling?
  • Is it self-destructive to continue dating someone who will be moving in a few months and there is no chance of the relationship surviving long-distance?


There are tons of great lectures and presentations available from the Ayn Rand estore.  This week I have been listening to:

  • Writing Objectively by Keith Lockitch – I really enjoyed this relatively short lecture, short at least compared to the American History series. There were lots of great ideas for improving my blog writing. Sadly, while it will likely lead to better articles in the future has definitely stalled me for the present as I try to integrate the new ideas.