Podcast Roundup – May 5 (Double Edition)

There was a major project that came due last week which left me no time to do my regular post on the week’s podcasts, so this week is a double edition of the podcasts I try to listen to each week.

From last week:

Philosophy in Action – Dr. Diana Hsieh, along with Greg Perkins, answer questions on ambition as a virtue, being happy without having close friends, refusing involvement with your biological child’s life and more.

Peikoff.com Episode 319 – Yaron Brook answers questions on what changes might come if Chinese GDP surpasses that of the United States, the cowardice of the West since the Salman Rushdie fatwah, the concept of international law, kicking Turkey out of NATO, what we should do about the situation in Ukraine, and government involvement in the free market for example with GPS.

This week’s episodes:

Philosophy in Action –┬áDr. Diana Hsieh, along with Greg Perkins, answer questions on displays of body dysmorphia, should parents be licensed, being responsible for your sibling and more.

Peikoff.com Episode 320 – Dr Leonard Peikoff answers questions on Ayn Rand’s opinion on jazz, the difference in difficulty in writing DIM if surrounded by an objective society, how would it have been different if Ayn Rand had edited DIM, in what profession could an objectivist have the greatest impact on society, and the rationality of being a fan of a losing sports team (answer provided by Dr Tara Smith).

I have finally made it to the final lecture of Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s course Principles of Grammar. This is a fascinating course in my opinion and well worth the modest cost. I feel I have learned quite a lot that either I had forgotten since I was in school or never had learned in the first place.

During my daily commutes, short as they are, I listen to Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s lecture series The Philosophy of Objectivism, recorded in 1975. This is the only recorded presentation of the philosophy in its entirety and also was done in Ayn Rand’s presence and with her participation in many of the Q&A sessions following the lectures.