Comment on True North Reports

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I left the following comment to a post on True North Reports regarding the latest insanity from Senator Bernie Sanders.

One thing you can say about Senator Sanders: he is generally consistent. He is a consistent statist who I think genuinely believes that people would be better off if the government made all the really important, and likely a fair number of the less important, choices . It does not matter what the choice is: what terms of employment (wages, time off, etc) will an employer and employee agree on, what energy source will a person use, what type of insurance will you buy, what is the best food to eat, what customers must a business serve and so on.

More and more it seems that Bernie’s philosophy of government is summed up by this line from Meryl Streep’s character in the movie version of “The Giver” – “When people are left free to choose, they choose wrong.”

And of course it is Senator Sanders and others like him who feel they are the ones to decide what is right or wrong and then compel the rest of us to go along with them.