[Video] The Morality of Capitalism – Yaron Brook

In a talk (you can find another talk here)  given on March 12, 2015 at the Steamboat Institute, Dr. Yaron Brook discusses why capitalism is the only moral system of government in front of what he describes as a “standing room only” crowd. His emphasis is not on the inescapable fact that capitalism is the only system that has ever lifted people out of poverty but rather on the fact, also inescapable, that capitalism, with its emphasis on individual rights, is the only moral system. If you have listened to Yaron’s talks before most of the material will be familiar, though it valuable and interesting to hear it again as I find different things grab my attention as my own knowledge changes.

“Capitalism is the eradication of force from human relationships.” – Yaron Brook

The Q&A session following the ~40 minute talk was, as is usually the case (Yaron even says at the start of the Q&A, “Now the fun begins.”), very interesting with several questions that were not on the friendly side. I found his response to the question regarding treatment of Native Americans especially instructive for me in terms of my writing or discussing these topics with others.