[Video] Yaron Brook at ELITE Department of Entrepreneurial Thinking

This is another great talk from Yaron Brook, this time from ELITE (Latin American School of Engineering, Technology and Business) in Bogota, Colombia. While much of the talk will be familiar to those who have watched videos of Dr. Brook’s talks in the past, this had a bit of a different slant as it had an emphasis on applying the rational principles of self-interest to entrepreneurial thinking. I always find it valuable when he comes at familiar ideas from a different perspective. I especially liked that he went through, albeit briefly, some of the major virtues in Objectivism: rationality, productiveness, self-esteem, honesty and how acting contrary to these virtues necessarily leads to bad results.

The question and answer period was especially interesting, although my Spanish is not yet good enough to understand the questions as they were being asked, which  made it a bit odd. Some of the questions asked involved the environment, poverty, belief in god, collectivism, and charity. It might just be not being able to understand the students asking the questions, but I thought they were much more open to the ideas Yaron was talking about than some of the students who attended his talks in Europe.