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Another Day, Another Smear

any rand on sexSalon.com is at it again. They recently posted an article by Amanda Marcotte, “Sad, Sexless, lonely: This is the real Paul Ryan/Ayn Rand vision for your life,” in which the author attempts to smear Ayn Rand by arbitrarily claiming, with just two mentions of her name, that Ayn Rand and Paul Ryan share the same world view and then proceeding to read more

Podcasts and More for March 20

Weekly podcastsIt seems it just gets busier and busier every week around here. That makes it a bit more difficult to listen to my usual podcasts. Well, not really difficult to listen to them, but to pay attention to them to make some meaningful comments here on the blog.


Don’t Let it Go…Unheard: Let Them Eat Lies –  This week Amy Peikoff and co-host Bosch Fawstin that put a 2015 update read more

Podcast Roundup – April 21

Here are this weeks editions of the podcasts I try to listen to each week.

Philosophy in Action – Dr. Diana Hsieh and Greg Perkins take on questions on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, being virtuous but not happy (how to overcome rationalism), how to defend abortion rights. This was an extra long edition of the weekly podcast with lots of good information.

Peikoff.com Episode 318 – Dr. Leonard Peikoff answers read more