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Charity, Orlando and More – Podcasts for June 19

Each week I present a round-up of the podcasts I listen to. These podcasts are all centered around the theme of looking at current events through the lens of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. The goal is not to provide all the information they talk about, but rather to highlight the things I found interesting in the hope that it will intrigue others to take a listen.

In this week’s edition:

Yaron’s AM560 Rewind: Is Charity the Solution to Poverty?

Yaron Brook podcastsThis week’s episode of Yaron Brook’s weekly Chicago radio program was inspired read more

Inequality, Taxes and more – April 17 Podcasts

podcastsIn this week’s roundup there are podcasts from Yaron Brook and Don Watkins (who is filling in for Yaron on has Radical Capitalist podcast). Amy Peikoff had to cancel her weekly podcast due to a work conflict, but did a “make up” show on Saturday evening.

AM560 Rewind: It’s Not Inequality, Stupid

In this week’s broadcast from Chicago, Yaron discusses inequality, referencing a recent article from The Atlantic, “Total read more

Environmentalists’ Anti-Human Bias

solar farm

image source vtdigger.org

As I wrote in my last post, on May 15, there were two stories on the WCAX news that jumped out at me. In that post, I wrote about the first, the story about the bottled water ban on the UVM campus. The second was a story about the debate over so-called green or renewable energy leading up to a vote on an energy bill in the Vermont Senate.

I have written a few times about Vermont’s crazy energy policy. read more

Climate Change and Obamacare: Statist Deceptions

I am currently rereading Alex Epstein’s new book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and so far, I am through chapter 4, it is fascinating reading. His perspective on climate and fossil fuels is one that I have never heard before. He uses human life and flourishing as the standard of value when determining whether the use of fossil fuels, or any energy source, is moral and should be pursued.

One interesting item, not solely related to the climate change/fossil fuel debate, I noticed last night read more