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You Call this Art?

Art at One World Trade Center

The “showpiece” of the art at One World Trade Center in New York.

I have not written on art before as it is not something I have given a lot of thought to, despite the fact that I work for a small non-profit arts organization. (In my defense, my job deals with technology issues such as our website and ticketing system.) I do know what sorts of things I like, but I do not know enough about the philosophy of art, aesthetics, to say much that would be at all interesting.

Having said that, I saw a story on read more

Podcasts and More for January 19

Weekly podcastsThere was another great batch of podcasts this week that are well worth listening to. This week’s podcasts cover topics from marriage without love, to advice for Japan (any country actually) to help solve economic problems, to what the new Republican congress should do first and why.