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Minimum Wage – An Historical View, Part 2

New York City 1920sIn part 1 of this series I introduced the Supreme Court decision from the 1923 Adkins v Children’s Hospital to illustrate the opinion of minimum wage laws that was still common prior to the Great Depression. This decision struck down a minimum wage law in the District of Columbia as read more

Let’s Clean Up the Big Government Spill

spilled-sodaTrue North Reports, a site that provides a conservative look at Vermont’s News, had an excellent article about Senator Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy when it comes to campaign finance. If you know anything about Bernie, you probably know that one of his pet complaints is about “big money” corrupting our government. For him, the problem nearly begins and ends with money from read more

Comment on True North Reports

photo from truenorthreports.com

I left the following comment to a post on True North Reports regarding the latest insanity from Senator Bernie Sanders.

One thing you can say about Senator Sanders: he is generally consistent. He is a consistent statist who I think genuinely believes that people would be better off if the government made all the really important, and likely a fair number of the less important, choices . It does not matter what the choice is: what terms of employment (wages, time off, etc) will an employer and employee read more

Why Does Bernie Hate Young People?

Who would have thought that Senator Sanders (I-VT) hates young people? That is the only conclusion I can make from his recent op-ed advocating an increase to the immoral and impractical minimum wage, which will result in higher youth unemployment which in turn tends to trap them in poverty.

Man is called the rational animal, meaning his mind, his ability to think, is his sole means of survival. One only has to look around to see that everything that enables a man to live as a man required someone read more

Economic Ignorance on Display

Yesterday in the local paper there was a short article about the school district buying 60 iPads to distribute to some of the students.

Leaving aside such issues as how 60 iPads can be divided among several hundred students or whether iPads, in and of themselves, can actually aid students in actually learning (which I doubt), my main take away from the article is the economic ignorance on display.

As reported in the July 19, 2013 Caledonian Record:

School officials initially planned to purchase the read more

On Global Warming, Keystone Pipeline and Bernie Sanders

On Google+ today, I saw a post by Wil Wheaton quoting Senator Bernie Sanders, one of my state’s Senators, which linked to this article¬†and supplied a quote from it:

“It is bad enough that some people in Washington deny the overwhelming scientific evidence and claim that global warming is a hoax and a Hollywood conspiracy. In my view, it would be equally absurd to claim concern about global warming while then approving decisions that will literally throw fuel on the fire of this planetary read more