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Speech, Money and Censorship

In re-reading Atlas Shrugged I am definitely seeing more than I did the first time. Or rather, I am better able to see parallels between Atlas and today’s world. Today I read the following in the chapter with the discussion of Directive 10-289 which would give the government complete control read more

Money in Politics, Part 1 – The Spread of Ideas

Election season approaches, filling the media with observations and predictions of the dire effects of “big” money on our political process. One can hardly avoid the claims that Citizen’s United is destroying democracy, SuperPACs are corrupting the process , or billionaires are using their vast wealth to change the laws. But is money really a problem in politics or is it a symptom of something more fundamental?

Ideas and knowledge are crucial elements in politics and the primary read more

From Property Rights to Citizens United, Part 3

[My primary inspiration for these posts comes from the article “Property and Principle” from the Objective Standard, and Eric Daniels’ course “Property Rights in American History,” available from the Ayn Rand e-store.]

[Part 1][Part 2]

The United States is Not a Democracy

I want to make a comment about the form of government that the founders attempted to create.  They understood from studying history that a pure democracy could be just as tyrannical as a dictatorship.  James Madison, in a letter to read more