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Egypt : The Next President – YouTube

I don’t agree with everything this boy says, there is a fair dose of egalitarianism, but his thinking is remarkable clear.

Assuming the translation is accurate, and the boy is being truthful, he came to his ideas by listening, reading and using his own mind to think about the issues facing his country.  I would wager there are many adults who might not see the contradiction in the Egyptian constitution saying “women are equal to men in all matters, except matters that contradict Islamic read more

It is Not Just About Voting

It is nice when current events allow you to hammer home a philosophical lesson, in this case, it is the danger of package deals.  By package deals I mean the phrase as Ayn Rand meant it:

[Package-dealing employs] the shabby old gimmick of equating opposites by substituting nonessentials for their essential characteristics, obliterating differences. – “How to Read (and Not to Write), The Ayn Rand Letter, I, 26, 3