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Environmentalists threaten the kitchen garden
Small kitchen gardens like the one I just started are threatened by environmentalists.

Threat from Environmentalists – Lessons from the Garden

So, this post isn’t what I had planned on posting this week. I started working on a post about Horatio Alger stories and why people today, even adults, should read them but it isn’t close to being ready yet. Also, one of my free days for writing and editing, Saturday, got taken up with getting a garden going which brings me to this post.

My garden from 2003

My last really successful garden. Lots of time and money put into it.

Growing up in rural Vermont, a college classmate of mine once called me a hick, having a garden in is nothing new. When I was younger, my parents always read more

House Votes to Lift Oil-Export Ban

House votes to lift oil export ban.The House voted to lift the 40-year-old ban on oil exports, giving the oil industry one of its top congressional priorities, but fueling a clash with the president.

Source: House Votes to Lift Oil-Export Ban

I was pleased to have the news that the House had voted 261-159 to lift the ban on oil exports pop up on my smart watch today. Even with the maritime provisions, this appears to be legislation that will increase free trade in oil. The ban was ill-advised when it was first passed in the read more