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Yaron Brook talks to young entrepreneurs in Brazil

[Video] Yaron Brook on Entrepreneurs

In this talk from the Pan American School in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Yaron Brook discusses what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how that fits in to living a flourishing, successful life. A central idea is the role of the mind, not only in discovering the facts of reality necessary to such a life, but also to our emotions.

Reason is how we learn about the world. Emotions are how we experience the world.

Another idea that I found interesting was Yaron’s emphasis on the fact that trade applies read more

Equality – In the Only Sense that Matters

The only equality that matters is the political equality of the Declaration of Independence.During his recent lectures, Yaron Brook has spoken a lot about the evils of equality and the virtues of inequality. For those that are unfamiliar with him or with Ayn Rand’s philosophy this might seem to imply that he is in favor of discrimination by non-essentials, i.e. racism, sexism and etc, but this is the farthest thing from the truth. In his recent talk in Sweden, he spells out exactly in what sense he feels equality has any relevance:

The only sense of equality that means anything read more