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Eric Daniels science education

Science Education – Real Reform [Video]

I was very pleased yesterday when I saw a link for a new talk from one of my favorite speakers, Eric Daniels. In this video of a talk from OCON 2015, he discusses the problems he sees in science education today, the historical roots of those problems, and potential solutions to them.

He gives a quote from an historian that summarizes one way in which science education has gone wrong.

In the relatively short time between 1893 and 1920, the justification for science in the curriculum had shifted read more

[Video] The Rise and Fall of Property Rights in America

Private property rightsThe Ayn Rand Institute has been publishing a number of video recently of lectures given on various topics, the most recent being a talk by Adam Mossoff  on property rights. In this fascinating talk he discusses how the concept of the right to property arose, reaching its peak in the early to mid 19th century in the United States and how since that time these rights have been protected less and less.

This is an area I have been particularly interested in over the past few years, having come read more

[Video] Eric Daniels – Revolutionary Case for Capitalism

After listening to a number of videos by Yaron Brook on Vimeo (links are here) I came across another video featuring Dr. Eric Daniels, another of my favorite speakers. He gives a great historical perspective on how capitalism is viewed and how it should be viewed.

Eric Daniels: The Revolutionary Case for Capitalism from The Undercurrent on Vimeo.

The Self-Made Man – Dr. Eric Daniels

In searching through Youtube for more presentations from Dr. Eric Daniels I found his presentation from the 21 Convention in Austin, TX. In it he describes the idea, and changes in this idea, of the self-made man in American history. Definitely worth the hour to watch it.


The Moral Case for the Free Market – Dr. Eric Daniels

One of my favorite discoveries since I began studying objectivism is historian Dr. Eric Daniels. I first encountered him via lectures on various aspects of American history. (Links to them below the video.)

This video is a presentation he did in 2010 on the morality of the free market at TEDxGreenvile.

Lectures by Dr. Eric Daniels:

History read more