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[Video] The Failure of the Homeland Defense: Lessons from History

During his March 9, 2015 radio show, Yaron Brook recommended a book by the late John David Lewis, Nothing Less than Victory. This book provides a historical look at how “aggressive, strategic military offenses can win wars and establish lasting peace, while defensive maneuvers have often led read more

[Video] Neoconservatives vs. America: A Critique of U.S. Foreign Policy Since 9/11

A great talk by Dr. Yaron Brook, given in 2005, in which he discusses the origin of neoconservatives (“leftists who have been mugged by reality”) and how the implementation of their policies after 9/11 have been contrary to actual American interests. The hour long talk is followed by nearly 90 minutes of Q&A with Yaron and Dr. Onkar Ghate.

One quote from Yaron Brook in answering a question about Iran:

When you go into Iran, there are two option. When, If. You go in there and after read more

Remember When Foreign Policy Was Principled? – Quotation of the Day

I have been listening to a great series of courses on American History by Eric Daniels. Currently I am in the 4th of the series, The History of America – Part 4: The Industrial Republic, 1877-1920, which is discussing a pivotal period in history when we really started to move towards becoming a mixed economy, welfare state.

During one of the lectures in this course he quotes Daniel Webster, who served two times as Secretary of State and twice declined the offer to be Vice President saying, read more

Yaron Brook on Leonard Peikoff’s Podcast – Foreign Policy

I really enjoy listening to Leonard Peikoff’s podcasts,  both when Dr Peikoff covers philosophy and morality and when Dr Brook covers polics, economics, and foreign polocy.

This week Yaron Brook answers more questions on foreign policy on episode 285 of Leonard Peikoff’s podcast. Topics include:

Why does the United States not allow India to do what is necessary to protect itself from terrorists who gain support from Pakistan?
Muslims in the US and UK
Guantanamo Bay

At the end he recommended read more