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Reason and Islam – Quote of the Day

Barry Wood - Reason v Islam

Barry Wood

During one of Yaron Brook’s radio shows earlier this year, a listener in the chat linked to a lecture series by Barry Wood titled “The Battle over Reason in the Islamic World (and How it Was Lost).” I have finally had time to listen to the series, and it is quite fascinating, especially as I have been trying to learn a bit more about Islam since the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Mr. Wood begins the series by pointing out that Islam had some positive elements that set it apart from read more

First Amendment – A Liberal’s View on Free Speech

Justice William O. Douglas understood the true meaning of free speech.

Source: Wikipedia

Over the weekend I listened to Ayn Rand’s lecture Censorship: Local and Express (you can find this talk embedded below) and later read the text version of it which is included in her book Philosophy: Who Needs It. What first caught my attention was a quote that helped me get a handle on a post I am working on about Senator Bernie Sanders. Today, in light of the attack on the Draw Mohammad event in Garland, Texas on Sunday, I selected one dealing with the First Amendment and free speech.

The read more