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Podcast Roundup – May 12th

Each week I try to listen to a couple of podcasts which apply rational principles to issues of everyday life.

Philosophy in Action – Dr. Diana Hsieh and Greg Perkins discussed questions on weak vs strong atheism, weak being the view that evidence of God fails while strong is view that God cannot exist by its very nature, and the rationality of dating someone with psychological problems. One interesting read more

Podcast Roundup – May 5 (Double Edition)

There was a major project that came due last week which left me no time to do my regular post on the week’s podcasts, so this week is a double edition of the podcasts I try to listen to each week.

From last week:

Philosophy in Action – Dr. Diana Hsieh, along with Greg Perkins, answer questions on ambition as a virtue, being happy without having close friends, refusing involvement with your biological child’s life and more.

read more

Podcast Roundup – April 21

Here are this weeks editions of the podcasts I try to listen to each week.

Philosophy in Action – Dr. Diana Hsieh and Greg Perkins take on questions on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, being virtuous but not happy (how to overcome rationalism), how to defend abortion rights. This was an extra long edition of the weekly podcast with lots of good information.

Peikoff.com Episode 318 – Dr. Leonard Peikoff answers read more

Podcasts for March 31, 2014

One drawback to being busy at work is I have been able neither to post much nor even to listen to the podcasts I like. Now that my schedule is evening out, I am able to fit them in again.

Philosophy in Action – This week Dr. Diana Hsieh talks about evolution’s ethical implications, body image, studying theology and more.

Peikoff.com: Episode 315 – This week Yaron Brook answers questions on Bitcoin, inflation from Quantitative Easing, China, and more.

I am also making an effort to read more