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Yaron Brook in Texas on inequality

Equal Is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality

Yaron Brook on inequality at the Texas Public Policy FoundationIn this talk hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Yaron Brook discusses the left’s focus on the issue of income inequality, the issue covered by his new book, Equal is Unfair: American’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality.

While the left uses the idea of inequality as a rhetorical device to claim the moral high ground and thereby justify more government intervention, Brook points out that inequality is a metaphysical fact of human nature. We are all different. We read more

Inequality, Taxes and more – April 17 Podcasts

podcastsIn this week’s roundup there are podcasts from Yaron Brook and Don Watkins (who is filling in for Yaron on has Radical Capitalist podcast). Amy Peikoff had to cancel her weekly podcast due to a work conflict, but did a “make up” show on Saturday evening.

AM560 Rewind: It’s Not Inequality, Stupid

In this week’s broadcast from Chicago, Yaron discusses inequality, referencing a recent article from The Atlantic, “Total read more

Blue Origin

Blue Origin – Success and Positive Values

On his April 2nd podcast Yaron Brook answered a question about what the Objectivist Movement 2.0 is about. Check out his complete answer starting at about the 68 minute mark, but in essence it is about creating a community where we “highlight success, highlight successful people, highlight successful values, highlight the positive.”

“A spirit, too, needs fuel. It can run dry.” – Ayn Rand, Ideal

This struck a chord for me as I have been thinking a lot lately about read more

Equality – In the Only Sense that Matters

The only equality that matters is the political equality of the Declaration of Independence.During his recent lectures, Yaron Brook has spoken a lot about the evils of equality and the virtues of inequality. For those that are unfamiliar with him or with Ayn Rand’s philosophy this might seem to imply that he is in favor of discrimination by non-essentials, i.e. racism, sexism and etc, but this is the farthest thing from the truth. In his recent talk in Sweden, he spells out exactly in what sense he feels equality has any relevance:

The only sense of equality that means anything read more

[Video] Why Inequality is Good for the Individual – Yaron Brook

Equality sucks, inequality is great.Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Institute, spent several weeks recently on a speaking tour through Europe and Russia. The theme for these talks, largely, was the theme of his, with Don Watkins, forthcoming book: the idea that equality is unfair and that inequality is moral and just.

This particular talk was given at  Högerteknologerna and Fria Moderata Studentförbundet, Sweden. Before he begin the main talk, he commented that in other places where he had given talks the Q&A sessions read more

[Videos] Inequality – A Debate Between Yaron Brook and Paul Vaaler

I’ve gathered here the four videos that have been posted from the debate on Inequality between Yaron Brook and Paul Vaaler, hosted by the Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business on February 7, 2015. This was an interesting debate that covers a fair number of topics within the general idea of inequality. I think I have the videos linked in proper order, though I am not sure it makes too much difference if they are read more

Education, Climate Change and Inequality: The Assault on Reason

Every living creature has a means of survival. Plants have roots and leaves to gain nutrients and energy. Birds have wings to seek out food while escaping predators. Predators, such as lions or wolves, have speed, instincts, claws and fangs with which to chase down and consume their prey. While man cannot survive by any of these methods he does have his own means of survival- his rational faculty. His reason.

Ayn Rand sums it up this way in The Virtue of Selfishness:

Man cannot survive, as animals read more

[Video] Yaron Brook: The Virtue of Inequality

A capture of Yaron Brook’s brief 20 minute talk today at The New York Meeting. He spoke and answered questions on inequality and why attempting to achieve equality of outcome or opportunity is both impossible and immoral. Was great to hear the great positive response from the audience.

http://www.youtube.com/v/VJaWNFWcUs4?autoplay=0 Captured with Microsoft’s Expression Encoder from the live presentation via LiveStream.