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Hurray for Private Enterprise!

Private enterprise saw this book delivered in 25 hours.

Private enterprise saw this book in my hands within 25 hours of my ordering it.

I was somewhat amused to read recently that Venezuela’s President Maduro blamed the pervasive shortages that country is facing on the fact that the distribution network for goods is largely controlled by the private sector. Over the past 6 years, since I met my wife who is Venezuelan, I have tried to pay attention to what is happening there, especially as she still lives there, so I know this is a laughable. It ignores the fact that about read more

Glass Steagall II Is No Cure For Banks’ Ills – Investors.com

Glass Steagall II Is No Cure For Banks’ Ills – Investors.com.

I am not surprised that the government would fail to see that it was their regulations that caused the financial crisis and seek to pass further regulations to control “big banks.” ¬†While banks undoubtedly made bad decisions, the root causes can be found, as this article states, in government regulations and the incentives they provided.