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Podcasts and More for January 19

Weekly podcastsThere was another great batch of podcasts this week that are well worth listening to. This week’s podcasts cover topics from marriage without love, to advice for Japan (any country actually) to help solve economic problems, to what the new Republican congress should do first and why.

4 Podcasts for June 9: Apply Rational Principles to Your Life

Here are the podcast I try, and mostly succeed, to listen to each week. Most discuss applying rational principles, not always strictly objectivist, to issues of everyday life.

Philosophy in Action: Responsibility and Luck, Chapter Two

– Dr. Diana Hsieh continues the discussion of her book Responsibility and Luck. This session covers chapter two which deals with some of the common proposed solutions for the problem of moral luck.

Philosophy in Action

– Dr. Diana Hsieh and Greg Perkins answer questions, applying rational principles to everyday life. This week they read more