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Let’s Clean Up the Big Government Spill

spilled-sodaTrue North Reports, a site that provides a conservative look at Vermont’s News, had an excellent article about Senator Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy when it comes to campaign finance. If you know anything about Bernie, you probably know that one of his pet complaints is about “big money” corrupting our government. For him, the problem nearly begins and ends with money from read more

Money and Power: A Debate

Video is at the bottom of the post.

Last night my brother and I had the good fortune to attend the debate on money and power between Yaron Brook and Hederick Smith at the Modern Theater of Suffolk University in Boston, MA.

When we first arrived, over an hour before the event was scheduled to start, the line was already forming.  Judging from the literature being handed out to those in line opposing the Citizens United decision, I felt we were going to be somewhat outnumbered and, as my brother read more