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What Can We Do? Speak! – Quote of the Day

Speak, speak and speak. Anywhere, to anyone, in any form we can.From 1961 through 1981, Ayn Rand spoke many times at the Ford Hall Forum, the “nation’s oldest continuously operating free public lecture series.” Earlier this year the Ayn Rand Institute made almost all of these talks available for download, free of charge. I had listened to many of these already (many have been available to stream from Soundcloud), but some were completely new to me.

I set myself the project of listening to them all in chronological order, with the goal of read more

How Times Have Changed – Republican Version

After posting the definition of the Democratic party from my 1914 dictionary, I realized that I should have also done so for the Republican party. I also failed to note that the Republican party mentioned in the definition of the Democratic party is not the same Republican party we have today, as will be seen in the definition below.

Republican party – One of the two great parties. It was organized in 1856 by a combination of of voters from other parties, notably the Free read more

I Like Ike’s Restrained Spending

There has been a lot of talk lately about the “good ‘ol days” in the 1950s, when we had good economic growth, strong labor unions and high top marginal tax rates. One of my favorite blogs, Cafe Hayek, has done a number of posts regarding this. I would recommend that you take a look.