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King v. Burwell – What is it about?

Golden Lady Justice, Bruges, Belgium

The American Spectator recently published a great article by David Catron titled “King v. Burwell Is Much Bigger than Obamacare” in which he lays out what is really at stake here. This case is not about “killing health care,” states’ rights or even killing Obamacare, although a ruling in favor of King et al would certainly have effects in all those areas. Rather read more

Frackers Deserve a Huge Thank You!

Frackers help bring down gasoline prices by 25% in a month.

Exactly a month ago, well a month and a day, a new convenience store opened here in town. It is on my route to and from work, so it is very convenient indeed. When the store opened the price on gasoline was $2.89 per gallon. In just 32 days the price has dropped $0.70 or almost 25%. Over the last year, it has fallen about an additional $1.00 per gallon, making the current price pretty close to just half of what it was last year.

Now I know that the hard work of frackers does not account for read more

Single Payer Health Care – Shumlin Pulls the Plug

R.I.P Green Mountain Care, Vermont's single payer health care plan

So this was the good news I came home to after going to see the final part of the Hobbit trilogy. (Excellent movie, by the way. Good action, loved Billy Connoly as Dain Ironfoot, and my god but Galadriel is revealed as a truly bad-ass elf lady.)

Governor Shumlin revealed that the plan to pay for Vermont’s single payer system would involve taxes that are, to use Shumlin’s word, enormous. Apparently the plan would have called for an 11.5% payroll tax (think your social security taxes, read more

Climate Change and Obamacare: Statist Deceptions

I am currently rereading Alex Epstein’s new book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and so far, I am through chapter 4, it is fascinating reading. His perspective on climate and fossil fuels is one that I have never heard before. He uses human life and flourishing as the standard of value when determining whether the use of fossil fuels, or any energy source, is moral and should be pursued.

One interesting item, not solely related to the climate change/fossil fuel debate, I noticed last night read more

Doomed to Repeat It – Quote of the Day

I am still mixing things up between Objective Communication and, among other things, Taxation: The People’s Business.  Today’s quote from the latter is one that could just as easily have been written  today rather than in a book written nearly 90 years ago.

Subsidies have been granted to some industries to encourage production until demand should become normal and bonuses have been granted to relieve certain classes of consumers burdened by the high prices of necessaries.  Such efforts read more

The Real Intent – Quote of the Day

While reading the last essay, “Requiem for Man,” in Ayn Rand’s Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal I came across the following quote that I thought was particularly apt given that Obamacare has “gone live,” more or less, across the country.

This particular essay was Ayn Rand’s response to an encyclical from Pope Paul VI in 1967, which she summarizes as being “the manifesto of an impassioned hatred for capitalism.”

But, you say, the encyclical’s ideal read more

The Two Sides of the One-Sided Affair

The Huffington Post has an article up about Jon Stewart blasting the House Republicans for causing the government shutdown over the “… f**king law!”

The article also states, and I don’t believe they are quoting Stewart here, that Jon:

placed the blame squarely on the House Republicans for going to great lengths in their one-sided fight against the Affordable Care Act.

My first thought in reading that was: And this is as opposed the the Democrats going to great lengths, including read more

Quote of the Day

Now that I have finished reading “Locavore’s Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000 Mile Diet” I am back to “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal” and quickly came across this quote. The essay was written nearly 50 years ago, but it is still valid today.

The next time you hear a discussion of Medicare, give some thought to the future-particularly to the future of your children, who will live at a time when the best brains available will no longer choose to go into medicine.

I have read more

Don’t Delay ObamaCare—End It

From The Objective Standard, which always has great and interesting takes on many issues.

The federal government has no legitimate role in forcing employers to provide insurance or in regulating insurance that employers may wish to offer. All such decisions should be left to employers, and potential employees should be free to accept or reject terms that an employer offers.

Don’t Delay ObamaCare—End It.