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Trump and Clinton

A Reluctant Vote for Trump

[My name is Lawrence Black. The founder and principal content creator for Order from Chaos is my younger brother. He has graciously offered me the opportunity to pen the occasional opinion piece for his blog. We are both Objectivists, but we do not always hold the same opinions on every subject. Thus, this Disclaimer: The opinions presented in this essay are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Order from Chaos, it’s employees or affiliates. Any errors, read more


Universal Basic Income, Either-Or and More – Podcasts for June 5

Each week I present a round-up of the podcasts I listen to. These podcasts are all centered around the theme of looking at current events through the lens of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism. The goal is not to provide all the information they talk about, but rather to highlight the things I found interesting in the hope that it will intrigue others to take a listen.

In this week’s edition:

Yaron’s AM560 Rewind: What is life really about?

In this episode of Yaron’s Chicago radio broadcast, he discusses the morality of Ayn Rand’s read more

[Video] Introduction to Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff

In this short video, approximately 45 minutes of introductory lecture and 30 minutes of Q&A, Leonard Peikoff provides a great, if brief, introduction to the fundamentals of Objectivism. He discusses the 5 branches of philosophy – metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics and esthetics – and how they form an integrated whole.

Dr. Peikoff presents a more complete discussion of Objectivism in a 32 hour lecture series, which can be found on the read more

Morality of War by Yaron Brook

[Video] Morality of War

Yaron Brook gives a passionate talk on applying the morality of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism to the concept of war and how war should be fought. While no philosophy can properly specify tactics, the specific means and methods used in fighting a way, it can provide the basis for deciding from what pool of possibilities these tactics can be drawn from.

In the early part of the talk Yaron discusses “just war theory,” the theory that in part says a country should not go to read more

Ayn Rand’s Ideas: An Introduction

An excellent introduction to major topics in Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism presented by Onkar Ghate from 2003. The video includes a Q&A session with Onkar Ghate and Yaron Brook. Topics include: Individualism vs Collectivism, What are rights?, Proper role of government, Egoism vs Altruism, Ethics, Mysticism vs Reason and more.

The Q&A session is particularly interesting. Many of the folks had challenging questions which resulted in some great answers. I was somewhat surprised read more

My Comment in Support of “Objecting to the ‘Season of Giving'”

This is a somewhat edited and greatly expanded version of a comment I posted to Peter Schwartz’s Washington Post article, “Objecting to the ‘season of giving’.” You can find my posted comment here. 2000 characters was just not enough space to get across fully what I wanted to say in support of his article in the face of the vast majority of comments that had been left. Or at least I didn’t have the time to make my comment that short.

I would like to thank Peter read more

Podcasts (and More) for June 24

I’ve been getting caught up with my podcasts and reading this week, which has been quite a challenge really.


Peikoff.com Episode 326 – After missing last week, this podcast is back with Yaron Brook answering questions on:

  • Saving and investing. He references a course he gave on investing some years ago which is available at the Ayn Rand e-store.
  • What does he mean by a foreign policy that protects individual rights?
  • Veterans benefits
  • Difference between Ukraine and Russia

Philosophy in Action Radio Chat: Responsibility and Luck chapter 3 – Dr. Diana Hsieh continues her podcast series discussing her book Responsibility and Luck: A Defense of read more

Podcasts for June 16th

Here are the podcasts that I have been able to listen to this week. They give examples of applying objectivist, rational principles to issues of every day life.

Philosophy in Action – Each week Dr. Diana Hsieh and Greg Perkins spend an hour going in depth on applying rational principles to 2 or 3 (rarely 4) questions from every day life. This week the questions were:

  • Stand your ground laws
  • Advice for new objectivists – this is one was really interesting for me today and I wish I had been able to listen to a couple years ago when I was first learning. The take home that stood out for me was, “The purpose of the philosophy is to make your life better, to make you the best version of yourself you can be, not to use it as a weapon to beat other people with.”
  • Rapid fire questions – some weeks Diana is able to give more or less off the cuff answers to questions without the usual in depth preparation she does for the main questions.

Voices read more

Podcast Roundup: May 19

Each week I try to listen to a couple of podcasts which apply rational principles to issues of everyday life.

Philosophy in Action – This week Diana Hsieh and co-host Greg Perkins answer questions in-depth on whether an egoist should be willing to torture others to benefit himself, whether juries should be present during trials (as opposed to say receiving transcripts of all the accepted testimony), and read more

Podcast Roundup – May 12th

Each week I try to listen to a couple of podcasts which apply rational principles to issues of everyday life.

Philosophy in Action – Dr. Diana Hsieh and Greg Perkins discussed questions on weak vs strong atheism, weak being the view that evidence of God fails while strong is view that God cannot exist by its very nature, and the rationality of dating someone with psychological problems. One interesting read more