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Minimum Wage, Panama Papers, Selfishness and More – Podcasts Roundup April 10

Weekly podcastsAs I was preparing to write this week’s roundup, I realized another benefit for me in doing them. In taking notes on the key issues being discussed in each of the podcasts, I am more able to make connections and integrate what the hosts are talking about into what I already know. This integration is something we all should try to do more of, and is at times difficult. (I found I can embed the Blogtalkradio shows, so I have done that as well as link to them in the headings.)


Michelangelo's The Dying Slave

Michelangelo’s The Dying Slave Image (c) Britanica.com

The scheduling read more

[Video] Introduction to Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff

In this short video, approximately 45 minutes of introductory lecture and 30 minutes of Q&A, Leonard Peikoff provides a great, if brief, introduction to the fundamentals of Objectivism. He discusses the 5 branches of philosophy – metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics and esthetics – and how they form an integrated whole.

Dr. Peikoff presents a more complete discussion of Objectivism in a 32 hour lecture series, which can be found on the read more

Wishing Doesn’t Make it So

Primacy of consciousness in Venezuela: wishing won't make food appear on the shelves.

photo from www.ecuadortimes.net

The Washington Post’s Matt O’Brien has a great article about the current situation in Venezuela. Early on he relates what can be described in philosophy as the primacy of consciousness, the idea that what you think is of greater importance than what is actually out there in reality.

It shouldn’t be this way. Venezuela, after all, has the largest read more

[Video] Leonard Peikoff – America vs. Americans

The Ayn Rand Institute recently posted a 2003 talk by Dr. Leonard Peikoff in which he “analyzes and rejects — as appeasement-ridden and ineffectual — the entire Bush administration response to the terrorist attacks on the U.S.” In this talk, Dr. Peikoff passionately discusses the response of the government read more

Podcasts (and More) for June 24

I’ve been getting caught up with my podcasts and reading this week, which has been quite a challenge really.


Peikoff.com Episode 326 – After missing last week, this podcast is back with Yaron Brook answering questions on:

  • Saving and investing. He references a course he gave on investing some years ago which is available at the¬†Ayn Rand e-store.
  • What does he mean by a foreign policy that protects individual rights?
  • Veterans benefits
  • Difference between Ukraine and Russia

Philosophy in Action Radio Chat: Responsibility and Luck chapter 3 – Dr. Diana Hsieh continues her podcast series discussing her book Responsibility and Luck: A Defense of read more

Podcast Roundup: May 19

Each week I try to listen to a couple of podcasts which apply rational principles to issues of everyday life.

Philosophy in Action – This week Diana Hsieh and co-host Greg Perkins answer questions in-depth on whether an egoist should be willing to torture others to benefit himself, whether juries should be present during trials (as opposed to say receiving transcripts of all the accepted testimony), and read more