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Sorry Chris, I’d Rather Have a Speed Boat

Junk car and speed boat with bikini babe.

I’ll take the speed boat Chris.

Last night I happened to catch a very small bit of Chris Matthews on the David Letterman show. In the segment I heard, Chris Matthews made a statement that was something along the lines of, “I’ve always thought of politics as like buying a car. You go in and argue over the price until you come to an agreement and buy the car. The problem in Washington is that they won’t even sit down to ‘argue the price’.”

Sadly he has apparently forgotten, or chooses to ignore, read more

Moral and Practical – Thinking in Essentials 2

What would you think if someone told you, “don’t worry if it is right or wrong, just do what you feel like?”

That was, in essence, an idea presented by Hedrick Smith during a debate last week with Yaron Brook as part of the Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University.  This is hardly unique to Hedrick Smith, or to the liberals whose positions he represented in the debate, but is becoming common in society today, especially in politics.

In answering questions about government action to produce desired read more