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Put People First? – Part 2: Some Restrictions Apply

In part 1 I looked at how Put People First means putting some people, the pressure group of the day, ahead of others. I will now take up what it means for people taken to mean human beings.

Another cause advocated by the Put People First groups is environmentalism. It should be made clear at the outset that by environmentalism it is not meant simply a desire for clean air and water which are obvious values for man. Rather it is the idea that nature as such has an intrinsic value separate from its read more

Put People First? – Part 1: Your Results May Vary

Signs with the slogan Put People First are common in Vermont, especially in election years. The signs give one a hazy sense of advocating for the little guy struggling against some faceless corporation. Such slogans are vague and undefined and few people take the time to try to understand their exact meaning. To clarify their meaning, we must look at the issues that the organizations that post the signs stand for.

Organizations that put up these signs are often advocates of “economic read more