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Let’s Clean Up the Big Government Spill

spilled-sodaTrue North Reports, a site that provides a conservative look at Vermont’s News, had an excellent article about Senator Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy when it comes to campaign finance. If you know anything about Bernie, you probably know that one of his pet complaints is about “big money” corrupting our government. For him, the problem nearly begins and ends with money from read more

Podcasts and More for March 20

Weekly podcastsIt seems it just gets busier and busier every week around here. That makes it a bit more difficult to listen to my usual podcasts. Well, not really difficult to listen to them, but to pay attention to them to make some meaningful comments here on the blog.


Don’t Let it Go…Unheard: Let Them Eat Lies –  This week Amy Peikoff and co-host Bosch Fawstin that put a 2015 update read more

Quote of the Day – Ayn Rand on “Public Interest”

In her essay “The Pull Peddlers” which is part of “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal,” Ayn Rand discusses the phenomena of lobbying.  This is a very interesting essay and as applicable today as when it was written more than 50 years ago.

The first quote I want to share is her definition of lobbying:

“Lobbying” is the activity of attempting to influence legislation by privately influencing the legislators.  It is the result and creation of a mixed economy–of read more

Quote of the Day – Alan Greenspan on “Consumer Protection”

Here is another of the many quotes I accumulated while reading Ayn Rand’s “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.”  This particular quote is from Alan Greenspan’s essay “The Assualt on Integrity.”   While this was originally written in 1963, it is still applicable today.  Anytime you hear that the government is regulating companies in order to “protect consumers” you should think of this quote and then ask yourself if you are truly better off.

The attempt read more

EPA Pushes Smart-Grid Connections For Refrigerators To Control Energy – Investors.com

Just over a year ago my brother started his blog with a post largely about the coming “smart grid” and “smart meters” that were starting to be pushed here in Vermont.  He summed up the potential issues with:

“Here’s the part that has worms crawling out of it. This same technology will also allow utilities and read more

Gun Control, Fiscal Cliff Cronyism and more

Some good links for this week.


This is perhaps my favorite article of the week, though there were plenty of good ones, and I quite honestly lost track of some.

With Gun Control, Cost Benefit Analysis Is Amoral

Really nice take on the whole gun control issue.  I especially like his statement: “Statistics about how often gun-related crimes occur in the population is no evidence against you. That’s collectivist thinking. The choices made by others are irrelevant to the choices that you read more