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EB-5 financed Jay Peak Resort

Do You Want to Build a Successful Economy? Try Freedom

If you have heard any news from Vermont lately it is likely a story about the allegations of fraud in an EB-5 regional center here. The SEC is investigating a pair of Vermont developers for running what some reports are characterizing as a ponzi scheme, improperly using money from investors intended for new projects to make up for cost overruns and or losses from earlier projects. In total, these developers have taken in about $350 million in EB-5 funds some $200 million of which was allegedly read more

Podcasts and More for January 19

Weekly podcastsThere was another great batch of podcasts this week that are well worth listening to. This week’s podcasts cover topics from marriage without love, to advice for Japan (any country actually) to help solve economic problems, to what the new Republican congress should do first and why.