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Podcasts and More for January 19

Weekly podcastsThere was another great batch of podcasts this week that are well worth listening to. This week’s podcasts cover topics from marriage without love, to advice for Japan (any country actually) to help solve economic problems, to what the new Republican congress should do first and why.

Republicans and Net Neutrality

Net neutrality violates the property rights of the ISPs.

Image from www.wired.com

According to the Wall Street Journal, Congressional Republicans have drafted a bill that “is designed to protect net neutrality—the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally—without applying the part of telecommunications law that regulates common carriers.”

We Need Radicals for Liberty

Statue of LibertyA question from Politix popped up for me today asking:

Do you wish there were more conservative Democrats and liberal Republicans around?

Here is my response:

I wish there were more radicals, yes radical, not moderate, for individual rights and liberty. When you talk of conservative Democrats or liberal Republicans you are essentially asking for people who believe it is ok to violate your rights, but just a little. This ignores the fact that any violation of rights leads inevitably to further read more

Republicans Need to Stop Trying to be Democrat-Lites

Recently the Vermont GOP held a gala event featuring New Jersey Governor Christ Christie. While the press was barred from the event, a couple of articles (they are available here and here) are available from people apparently at the event that gives some idea of what took place. These two articles highlight the real problem faced by the Republican party.

After recent election losses and receiving most of the blame for the government shutdown, read more