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Don’t Feed the Bea…Cronies


On our porch a couple of years ago. We didn’t take our feeders in early either.

One sure sign of spring here in north-eastern Vermont is the frequent reminders from state and local officials to bring in your bird feeders. This is probably a common thing in any northern state at this time of year. The reason is that with the snow melting and temperatures rising, the bears are beginning to stir and will soon be out looking for food after their long winter nap. One of their favorite foods, especially this early when there isn’t a lot to eat, is black oil sunflower seeds, read more

Saying No to the Beverage Tax

Governor Peter ShumlinRecently I sent a message, modified from a template provided by the Stop the Vermont Beverage Tax group, to my state representative and the governor expressing my opposition to the proposed two-cent per ounce tax on, some, sugar sweetened beverages. (I wrote about this issue previously, here for example.) The content of my message was:

From the “Are You Kidding Me” Department

royalty-free-driver-clipart-illustration-442184On the WCAX news tonight they reported about “a pilot Driver Restoration Day” to be held in March where people who have had their driver’s license suspended for failure to pay traffic tickets can get their license back by paying some small fraction of the fine.¬†According to the press release from Governor Shumlin’s office, about 22,000 Vermonters have had their license suspended for “failure to pay overdue traffic fees and fines.”

Given that, in a rural read more