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Don’t Feed the Bea…Cronies


On our porch a couple of years ago. We didn’t take our feeders in early either.

One sure sign of spring here in north-eastern Vermont is the frequent reminders from state and local officials to bring in your bird feeders. This is probably a common thing in any northern state at this time of year. The reason is that with the snow melting and temperatures rising, the bears are beginning to stir and will soon be out looking for food after their long winter nap. One of their favorite foods, especially this early when there isn’t a lot to eat, is black oil sunflower seeds, read more

Quote of the Day: Economic and Political Power

Capitalism: The Unknown IdealToday’s quote comes from Ayn Rand’s essay “America’s Persecuted Minority: Big Business” from Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal. Leading up to this quote, she describes what economic and political power are and in this quote defines the difference between them.

Now let me define the difference between economic power and political power: economic power is exercised by means of a positive, by offering men a reward, read more

Doomed to Repeat It – Quote of the Day

I am still mixing things up between Objective Communication and, among other things, Taxation: The People’s Business. ┬áToday’s quote from the latter is one that could just as easily have been written ┬átoday rather than in a book written nearly 90 years ago.

Subsidies have been granted to some industries to encourage production until demand should become normal and bonuses have been granted to relieve certain classes of consumers burdened by the high prices of necessaries.  Such efforts read more

Gun Control, Fiscal Cliff Cronyism and more

Some good links for this week.


This is perhaps my favorite article of the week, though there were plenty of good ones, and I quite honestly lost track of some.

With Gun Control, Cost Benefit Analysis Is Amoral

Really nice take on the whole gun control issue.  I especially like his statement: “Statistics about how often gun-related crimes occur in the population is no evidence against you. That’s collectivist thinking. The choices made by others are irrelevant to the choices that you read more