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When Statist Goals Collide, the Individual Always Loses

statist goal: ban water bottlesWhile watching the WCAX news broadcast last night, May 15,  two stories leaped off the screen and grabbed my attention.  One dealt with an effort to “preserve the environment” by reducing the number of plastic bottles being thrown away and the other dealt with issues around so-called renewable or green energy. They both show the lunacy of environmentalists here in Vermont.

Environmentalism trumps both “Public Health” and Individual Choice

Just over 3 years ago the University of Vermont decided to ban the sale of bottled water on campus starting read more

Three Faces of Tyranny

Adolf Hitler, Dr Frankowski, Joseph Stalin

A basic fact of human nature is that there are only two ways we can deal with one another, by reason or by force, and these are mutually exclusive. If you choose reason, you rely on persuasion and facts to convince another person. If you reject reason, you rely on the threat, or  actual use, of physical force to achieve your goal.  You ask a friend to give you a ride to work because your car broke down or you steal a car. You work hard to learn a skill and get a good job to make a living or read more

Role of Government is to Protect Rights, Not Manage Behavior

role of governmentThe usual suspects, Vermont statists, are at it again. They are seeking to manage the behavior of citizens in a direction that they deem to be “better” and to penalize those who do not fall in line.

This latest assault is the renewal of a proposal to impose a 2 cent per ounce tax on beverages that contain added sugar such as soda and sports drinks. Based on prices at a local minimart, this would result in about a 27% increase in the cost of a bottle of soda. Supporters of the law read more